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what library are you using for sqlite?

i did a search based on the connection uri you indicated and found this one. in the documentation it says:

2009 may 19th: sqlite-jdbc- released. this version supports "jdbc:sqlite::resource:" syntax to access read-only db files contained in jar archives, or external resources specified via url, local files address etc. (see also the detailes)

if that is the driver you are using, then i would suggest the following connection uri:


the key is that since your database is in a jar file, it can not be access as a file with fileinputstream. instead it must be accessed through the jvm's support for it (namely with class.getresource() or class.getresourceasstream()). do note that resources contained within jar files are read-only. you won't be able to save any changes to your database.

By Reft on April 11 2022

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