"is the buildsessionfactory() configuration method deprecated in hibernate" Code Answer


yes it is deprecated. replace your sessionfactory with the following:

in hibernate 4.0, 4.1, 4.2

private static sessionfactory sessionfactory;
private static serviceregistry serviceregistry;

public static sessionfactory createsessionfactory() {
    configuration configuration = new configuration();
    serviceregistry serviceregistry = new serviceregistrybuilder().applysettings(
            configuration.getproperties()). buildserviceregistry();
    sessionfactory = configuration.buildsessionfactory(serviceregistry);
    return sessionfactory;


in hibernate 4.3 serviceregistrybuilder is deprecated. use the following instead.

serviceregistry = new standardserviceregistrybuilder().applysettings(
By obeliksz on July 15 2022

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