"what is the best way to seed a database in rails?" Code Answer


updating since these answers are slightly outdated (although some still apply).

simple feature added in rails 2.3.4, db/seeds.rb

provides a new rake task

rake db:seed

good for populating common static records like states, countries, etc...


*note that you can use fixtures if you had already created them to also populate with the db:seed task by putting the following in your seeds.rb file (from the railscast episode):

require 'active_record/fixtures'
fixtures.create_fixtures("#{rails.root}/test/fixtures", "operating_systems")

for rails 3.x use 'activerecord::fixtures' instead of 'fixtures' constant

require 'active_record/fixtures'
activerecord::fixtures.create_fixtures("#{rails.root}/test/fixtures", "fixtures_file_name")
By antdwash on May 13 2022

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