"how can i make a controller action take a dynamic parameter?" Code Answer


you could write a custom model binder which uses reflection and the typename parameter:

public class mymodelbinder : defaultmodelbinder
    protected override object createmodel(controllercontext controllercontext, modelbindingcontext bindingcontext, type modeltype)
        var typevalue = bindingcontext.valueprovider.getvalue("typename");
        if (typevalue == null)
            throw new exception("impossible to instantiate a model. the "typename" query string parameter was not provided.");
        var type = type.gettype(
        var model = activator.createinstance(type);
        bindingcontext.modelmetadata = modelmetadataproviders.current.getmetadatafortype(() => model, type);
        return model;

and then simply:

public actionresult save([modelbinder(typeof(mymodelbinder))] object model) 
    context.entry(model).state = entitystate.modified;
    return view();
By Rajesh Jr. on April 30 2022
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