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a class is generally considered thread-safe if its methods can be invoked by multiple threads concurrently without corrupting the state of the class or causing unexpected side-effects. there are many reasons why a class may not be thread safe, although some common reasons are that it contains some state that would be corrupted on concurrent access.

there are a number of ways to make a class thread-safe:

  1. make it immutable, if a class contains no state it is safe to use concurrently from multiple threads.
  2. employ locking to reduce concurrency. however, this is no guarantee of thread safety, it just ensures that a block of code will not be executed concurrently by multiple threads. if state is stored between method invocations this might still become inconsistent.

how you create a thread-safe class really depends on what you want to do with the class in question.

you also need to ask yourself, do i need to make my class threadsafe? a common model of most ui frameworks is that there is a single ui thread. for example in winforms, wpf and silverlight the majority of your code will be executed from the ui thread which means you do not have to build thread-safety into your classes.

By Holger Knublauch on July 20 2022

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