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if your application is only calcullating md5 when someone registers on your site, or is logging in, own many calls to md5 will you do per hour ? couple of hundreds ? if so, i don't think the really small difference between php and mysql will be significant at all.

the question should be more like "where do i put the fact that password are stored using md5" than "what makes me win almost nothing".

and, as a sidenote, another question could be : where can you afford to spend resources for that kind of calculations ? if you have 10 php servers and one db server already under heavy load, you get your answer ;-)

but, just for fun :

mysql> select benchmark(1000000, md5('test'));
| benchmark(1000000, md5('test')) |
|                               0 |
1 row in set (2.24 sec)

and in php :

$before = microtime(true);
for ($i=0 ; $i<1000000 ; $i++) {
    $a = md5('test');
$after = microtime(true);
echo ($after-$before) . "n";

gives :

$ php ~/developpement/tests/temp/temp.php

but you probably won't be calculating a million md5 like this, will you ?

(and this has nothing to do with preventing sql injections : just escape/quote your data ! always ! or use prepared statements)

By Vickyexpert on May 8 2022

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