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woocommerce orders in version 3.0+

since woocommerce mega major update 3.0+ things have changed quite a lot:

  • for wc_order object, properties can't be accessed directly anymore as before and will throw some errors.
  • new wc_order and wc_abstract_order getter and setter methods are now required on the wc_order object instance.
  • also, there are some new classes for order items:
    • wc_order_item class,
    • wc_order_item_product class,
    • wc_order_item_tax class,
    • wc_order_item_shipping class,
    • wc_order_item_coupon class,
    • wc_order_item_fee class.
  • additionally, wc_data abstract class allow to access order and order items data using get_data(), get_meta_data() and get_meta() methods.

• how to get customer details from order in woocommerce?
• get order items and wc_order_item_product in woocommerce 3

so the order items properties will not be accessible as before in a foreach loop and you will have to use these specific getter and setter methods instead.

using some wc_order and wc_abstract_order methods (example):

// get an instance of the wc_order object (same as before)
$order = wc_get_order( $order_id );

$order_id  = $order->get_id(); // get the order id
$parent_id = $order->get_parent_id(); // get the parent order id (for subscriptions…)

$user_id   = $order->get_user_id(); // get the costumer id
$user      = $order->get_user(); // get the wp_user object

$order_status  = $order->get_status(); // get the order status (see the conditional method has_status() below)
$currency      = $order->get_currency(); // get the currency used  
$payment_method = $order->get_payment_method(); // get the payment method id
$payment_title = $order->get_payment_method_title(); // get the payment method title
$date_created  = $order->get_date_created(); // get date created (wc_datetime object)
$date_modified = $order->get_date_modified(); // get date modified (wc_datetime object)

$billing_country = $order->get_billing_country(); // customer billing country

// ... and so on ...

for order status as a conditional method (where "the_targeted_status" need to be defined and replaced by an order status to target a specific order status):

if ( $order->has_status('completed') ) {
    // do something

get and access to the order data properties (in an array of values):

// get an instance of the wc_order object
$order = wc_get_order( $order_id );

$order_data = $order->get_data(); // the order data

$order_id = $order_data['id'];
$order_parent_id = $order_data['parent_id'];
$order_status = $order_data['status'];
$order_currency = $order_data['currency'];
$order_version = $order_data['version'];
$order_payment_method = $order_data['payment_method'];
$order_payment_method_title = $order_data['payment_method_title'];
$order_payment_method = $order_data['payment_method'];
$order_payment_method = $order_data['payment_method'];

## creation and modified wc_datetime object date string ##

// using a formated date ( with php date() function as method)
$order_date_created = $order_data['date_created']->date('y-m-d h:i:s');
$order_date_modified = $order_data['date_modified']->date('y-m-d h:i:s');

// using a timestamp ( with php gettimestamp() function as method)
$order_timestamp_created = $order_data['date_created']->gettimestamp();
$order_timestamp_modified = $order_data['date_modified']->gettimestamp();

$order_discount_total = $order_data['discount_total'];
$order_discount_tax = $order_data['discount_tax'];
$order_shipping_total = $order_data['shipping_total'];
$order_shipping_tax = $order_data['shipping_tax'];
$order_total = $order_data['total'];
$order_total_tax = $order_data['total_tax'];
$order_customer_id = $order_data['customer_id']; // ... and so on

## billing information:

$order_billing_first_name = $order_data['billing']['first_name'];
$order_billing_last_name = $order_data['billing']['last_name'];
$order_billing_company = $order_data['billing']['company'];
$order_billing_address_1 = $order_data['billing']['address_1'];
$order_billing_address_2 = $order_data['billing']['address_2'];
$order_billing_city = $order_data['billing']['city'];
$order_billing_state = $order_data['billing']['state'];
$order_billing_postcode = $order_data['billing']['postcode'];
$order_billing_country = $order_data['billing']['country'];
$order_billing_email = $order_data['billing']['email'];
$order_billing_phone = $order_data['billing']['phone'];

## shipping information:

$order_shipping_first_name = $order_data['shipping']['first_name'];
$order_shipping_last_name = $order_data['shipping']['last_name'];
$order_shipping_company = $order_data['shipping']['company'];
$order_shipping_address_1 = $order_data['shipping']['address_1'];
$order_shipping_address_2 = $order_data['shipping']['address_2'];
$order_shipping_city = $order_data['shipping']['city'];
$order_shipping_state = $order_data['shipping']['state'];
$order_shipping_postcode = $order_data['shipping']['postcode'];
$order_shipping_country = $order_data['shipping']['country'];

get the order items and access the data with wc_order_item_product and wc_order_item methods:

// get an instance of the wc_order object
$order = wc_get_order($order_id);

// iterating through each wc_order_item_product objects
foreach ($order->get_items() as $item_key => $item ):

    ## using wc_order_item methods ##

    // item id is directly accessible from the $item_key in the foreach loop or
    $item_id = $item->get_id();

    ## using wc_order_item_product methods ##

    $product      = $item->get_product(); // get the wc_product object

    $product_id   = $item->get_product_id(); // the product id
    $variation_id = $item->get_variation_id(); // the variation id

    $item_type    = $item->get_type(); // type of the order item ("line_item")

    $item_name    = $item->get_name(); // name of the product
    $quantity     = $item->get_quantity();  
    $tax_class    = $item->get_tax_class();
    $line_subtotal     = $item->get_subtotal(); // line subtotal (non discounted)
    $line_subtotal_tax = $item->get_subtotal_tax(); // line subtotal tax (non discounted)
    $line_total        = $item->get_total(); // line total (discounted)
    $line_total_tax    = $item->get_total_tax(); // line total tax (discounted)

    ## access order items data properties (in an array of values) ##
    $item_data    = $item->get_data();

    $product_name = $item_data['name'];
    $product_id   = $item_data['product_id'];
    $variation_id = $item_data['variation_id'];
    $quantity     = $item_data['quantity'];
    $tax_class    = $item_data['tax_class'];
    $line_subtotal     = $item_data['subtotal'];
    $line_subtotal_tax = $item_data['subtotal_tax'];
    $line_total        = $item_data['total'];
    $line_total_tax    = $item_data['total_tax'];

    // get data from the wc_product object using methods (examples)
    $product        = $item->get_product(); // get the wc_product object

    $product_type   = $product->get_type();
    $product_sku    = $product->get_sku();
    $product_price  = $product->get_price();
    $stock_quantity = $product->get_stock_quantity();


so using get_data() method allow us to access to the protected data (associative array mode) …

By fhonics on May 2 2022

1. You have access to $order variable

Hooks (do_action and apply_filters) use additional arguments which are passed on to the function. If they allow you to use the “$order” object you’re in business. Here’s how to get all the order information:

// Get Order ID and Key
// Get Order Totals $0.00
// Get and Loop Over Order Items
foreach ( $order->get_items() as $item_id => $item ) {
   $product_id = $item->get_product_id();
   $variation_id = $item->get_variation_id();
   $product = $item->get_product(); // see link above to get $product info
   $product_name = $item->get_name();
   $quantity = $item->get_quantity();
   $subtotal = $item->get_subtotal();
   $total = $item->get_total();
   $tax = $item->get_subtotal_tax();
   $tax_class = $item->get_tax_class();
   $tax_status = $item->get_tax_status();
   $allmeta = $item->get_meta_data();
   $somemeta = $item->get_meta( '_whatever', true );
   $item_type = $item->get_type(); // e.g. "line_item"
// Other Secondary Items Stuff
// Get Order Lines
// Get Order Shipping
// Get Order Dates
// Get Order User, Billing & Shipping Addresses
// Get Order Payment Details
// Get Order URLs
// Get Order Status
// Get Thank You Page URL

2. You have access to $order_id variable

If you have access to the order ID (once again, usually the do_action or apply_filters might give you this), you have to get the order object first. Then do the exact same things as above.

// Get $order object from order ID
$order = wc_get_order( $order_id );
// Now you have access to (see above)...
if ( $order ) {
   $order->get_formatted_order_total( );
   // etc.
   // etc.

3. You have access to $email variable

If you are working with WooCommerce emails, often you will have the $email object available as parameter. In order to get the object from that, you need an additional step. Then do the exact same things as above.

// Get $order object from $email
$order = $email->object;
// Now you have access to (see above)...
if ( $order ) {
   $order->get_formatted_order_total( );
   // etc.
   // etc.
By mp2 on October 26 2022
 I try to parse order object like var_dump() and get vars, it’s nightmare believe me.
By mp2 on October 26 2022

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