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loose coupling normally means that your components do not expect a concrete instance but just one instance that has a compatible interface.

each collaborator can be replaced then with a different one of the same type. the code is not dependent on a concrete implementation of one of those any longer.


  • do not use:

    • global (static) functions

    • class based programming (passing a classname around)

      stream_wrapper_register("var", "variablestream");
    • global constants

      if ( !defined('abspath') )   
          define('abspath', dirname(__file__) . '/');
  • but:

    • use objects

    • program against interfaces

      public function __construct(loggerinterface $logger) {
    • unit-test with mocks

      $logger = $this->getmock('loggerinterface', array('log'));

see as well:

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By Rohit_D on March 1 2022

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