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there is no solution quite as smooth as sparkle (that i know of).

if you need an easy means of deployment and updating applications, clickonce is an option. unfortunately, it's inflexible (e.g., no per-machine installation instead of per-user), opaque (you have very little influence and clarity and control over how its deployment actually works) and non-standard (the paths it stores the installed app in are unlike anything else on windows).

much closer to what you're asking would be clickthrough, a side project of wix, but i'm not sure it's still in development (if it is, they should be clearer about that…) — and it would use msi in any case, not nsis.

you're likely best off rolling something on your own. i'd love to see a sparkle-like project for windows, but nobody seems to have given it a shot thus far.

By pittix on July 15 2022

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