"nsfilemanager unique file names" Code Answer


create your own file name:

cfuuidref uuid = cfuuidcreate(null);
cfstringref uuidstring = cfuuidcreatestring(null, uuid);
nsstring *uniquefilename = [nsstring stringwithformat:@"%@%@", prefixstring, (nsstring *)uuidstring];

a simpler alternative proposed by @darrinm in the comments:

nsstring *prefixstring = @"myfilename";

nsstring *guid = [[nsprocessinfo processinfo] globallyuniquestring] ;
nsstring *uniquefilename = [nsstring stringwithformat:@"%@_%@", prefixstring, guid];

nslog(@"uniquefilename: '%@'", uniquefilename);

nslog output:
uniquefilename: 'myfilename_680e77f2-20b8-444e-875b-11453b06606e-688-00000145b460af51'

note: ios6 introduced the nsuuid class which can be used in place of cfuuid.

nsstring *guid = [[nsuuid new] uuidstring];
By Ransaka Ravihara on September 1 2022
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