"how to delete rails log file after certain size" Code Answer


the best way is to set up log rotation, but how you do this is very platform dependent, so you should add a comment about what you're using, both for development and production.

for our apps running on linux, we have a file /etc/logrotate.d/appname for each app, that looks something like this:

/path/to/rails_root_for_app/log/production.log {
    rotate 7
    create 640 capistrano capistrano

this will move the log into a new file once a day, keeping a compressed backup file for each of the last 7 days.

if you just want to empty the file without keeping any of the data in it while the daemon is running, simply do this from a shell:

> /path/to/rails_root_for_app/log/development.log

this will truncate the file to 0 bytes length.

By zord on April 4 2022
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