"calling an svn update from a php script via a browser is not working" Code Answer


ok. i got it. it is an issue with permissions. the .svn directory must have the right permissions because the svn update command is using those directories to write stuff.

so! ---make sure you run all chmod commands as sudo or root----

  1. run a chmod 777 on .svn directory
  2. run an svn update via command line
  3. call script

if nothing. you must run chmod 777 recursively for all .svn directories then run another svn update

still nothing?

make sure you don't have two svn clients in my case, the svn client used by the ui is different from the svn (command line) if you have two clients, make sure they are running the same version or update your script to call the client directly.

still nothing?

run a chmod 777 -r * svn update and try again

if you can make it work with another set of permissions, please let me know. i know that 777 is not ideal, but i can't make it work with something lower.

thanks again guys.

By sler on January 18 2022

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