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i've no idea what arff is (nor do i need to know to help you transpose your text to a different format) so let's start with this:

$ cat tst.awk
begin{ fs="t" }
nr==1 { printf "@relation '%s'n", filename }
    row = $1
    attr = $2

    if (!seenrow[row]++) {
        rows[++numrows] = row

    if (!seenattr[attr]++) {
        printf "@attribute "%s" stringn", attr
        attrs[++numattrs] = attr

    score[row,attr] = $3
end {
    print "nn@data"
    for (rownr=1; rownr<=numrows; rownr++) {
        row = rows[rownr]
        for (attrnr=1;attrnr<=numattrs;attrnr++)  {
            attr = attrs[attrnr]
            printf "%d,", score[row,attr]
        print row
$ cat file
church  place   3
church  institution     6
man     place   86
man     food    63
woman   book    37
$ awk -f tst.awk file
@relation 'file'
@attribute "place" string
@attribute "institution" string
@attribute "food" string
@attribute "book" string


now, tell us what's wrong with that and we can go from there.

By Pranav MS on September 3 2022

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