"the procedure entry point _zst24__throw_out_of_range_fmtpkcz could not be located in the dynamic link library sfml-graphics-2.dll" Code Answer


the main reason for this issue is the import libraries for the dll's were created for a different version of the dll you're using.

when you built the application, you used an import library so that the linker will find the sfml functions that your application is calling. however, the dll itself does not contain one or more of the functions that the import library has stubs for.

when creating an application that implcitly loads a dll entails a 3 step process:

  1. compiling the code
  2. linking the code
  3. running the code

all the compiler cares about is that the program is syntactically correct. this worked without error.

the linker stage determines if the functions you're calling actually exist. this is where things get tricky, since the function stubs exist in the import library, and that will satisfy the linker. the import library tells the linker, "yes, this function is here in this dll, so trust me". this also worked without error for you

(note that this is different in a non-dll scenario, where the linker will actually look for the function itself, not a stub).

however, the actual functions themselves are in a different module (dll), and the only time your application can determine their existence is when you run the program. this is where you're stuck right now.

so the thing you should do first is make sure that the import libraries you're using when building your application match up with the dll's that you're loading at runtime. if you still get the error, contact where you got the dll's and inquire how to get the proper import libraries.

in addition, there are ways to create an import library from a dll, if for some reason you can't get the import libraries. i don't know all the details of how to do this manually for mingw, but the information should be available online somewhere.

By Matt Norrie on August 8 2022

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