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first you need to go to app/config/app.php and in providers section add:


in the same file in aliases section you should add:

 'settings' => 'laracmsfacadessettings',

in your app/laracms/providers you should create file settingsserviceprovider.php


namespace laracmsproviders;

use illuminatesupportserviceprovider;

class settingsserviceprovider extends serviceprovider {

    public function register()
        $this->app->bind('settings', function()
                return new laracmssettings();


in your app/laracms/facades/ you should create file settings.php:


namespace laracmsfacades;

use illuminatesupportfacadesfacade;

class settings extends facade {

    protected static function getfacadeaccessor() { return 'settings'; }


now in your app/laracms directory you should create file settings.php:


namespace laracms;

class settings {
   public function get() {echo "get"; }

   public function set() {echo "set"; }

as you wanted to have your files in custom folder laracms you need to add this folder to your composer.json (if you used standard app/models folder you wouldn't need to add anything to this file). so now open composer.json file and in section autoload -> classmap you should add app/laracms so this section of composer.json could look like this:

"autoload": {
    "classmap": [

now you need to run in your console inside your project foler:

composer dump-autoload

to create class map

if everything is fine, you should now be able to use in your applications settings::get() and settings:set()

you need to notice that i used folders with uppercases because namespaces by convention starts with upper letters.

By Andreas Jung on March 29 2022

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