"converting the “america/los angeles” time zone to “pst” or “pdt” in java me" Code Answer


may be this is what you are wanting. this works on my machine using standard java.

        calendar calendar = calendar.getinstance();       
        timezone tz = timezone.gettimezone("america/los_angeles");
         system.out.println("offset from utc="+tz.getoffset(calendar.gettimeinmillis())/(60*60*1000)); //prints -8
        system.out.println(tz.getdisplayname(boolean.true, 0)); //prints pdt
        system.out.println(tz.getdisplayname(boolean.true, 1)); //prints pacific daylight time
        system.out.println(tz.getdisplayname(boolean.false, 0));//prints pst
        system.out.println(tz.getdisplayname(boolean.false, 1));//prints pacific standard time  

update: op said the above does not work for j2me. after googling i found here that getoffset() is actually getrawoffset() in j2me. however, it does not look like it supposrts displayname. your only option i think is to go through the ids using getavailableids().

By Dan Healy on August 7 2022

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