"how to create a icns icon programmatically?" Code Answer


you can use iconfamily.

iconfamily is a cocoa/objective-c wrapper for the mac os x carbon api's "icon family" data type. its main purpose is to enable cocoa applications to easily create custom file icons from nsimage instances, and thus take advantage of mac os x's high-resolution rgba "thumbnail" icon formats to provide richly detailed thumbnail previews of the files' contents.

nsimage *mimage = [[nsimage alloc] initwithcontentsoffile:@"/users/username/desktop/whitetiger.jpg"];
iconfamily *fam = [iconfamily iconfamilywiththumbnailsofimage:mimage];    
[fam writetofile:@"/users/username/desktop/whitetiger.icns"];
By crazystairs on May 27 2022
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