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i generally use a custom marshaller. assume you have the following domain

class address { 
  string addressone
  string city
  //bla bla
  date datecreated

create a class under src/groovy like this

class addressmarshaller {
  void register() {
     json.registerobjectmarshaller(address) { address address ->
      return [ 
         id: address.id,
         addressone: address.addressone,
         city: address.city,
         datecreated: address.datecreated.format('yyyy-mm-dd')

then in your bootstrap file do the following:

[ new addressmarshaller() ].each { it.register() }

the reason i do it as an array like that is because i have multiple marshallers.

now, anytime you do address as json, you'll get the json you've described and you're correct date format. i know this seems like overkill for formatting a date in json but this has a lot of other benefits.

By Chris Hawkins on July 26 2022

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