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if you are using php 5.4 the function mysql_escape_string() is deprecated.so you need to do some changes in mysql driver file.go to systemdatabasedriversmysqlmysql_driver.php and find the escape_str function and replace the functions code with this code:

  * escape string
  * @param string
  * @param bool whether or not the string will be used in a like condition
  * @return string
 public function escape_str($str, $like = false)
  if (is_array($str))
   foreach ($str as $key => $val)
    $str[$key] = $this->escape_str($val, $like);

      return $str;

  $str = is_resource($this->conn_id) ? mysql_real_escape_string($str, $this->conn_id) : addslashes($str);

  // escape like condition wildcards
  if ($like === true)
   return str_replace(array($this->_like_escape_chr, '%', '_'),
      array($this->_like_escape_chr.$this->_like_escape_chr, $this->_like_escape_chr.'%', $this->_like_escape_chr.'_'),

  return $str;

it may help you...

By Parama Sivam on January 11 2022

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