"imagemagick convert png to jxr" Code Answer


imagemagick doesn't support jxr only if:

"requires the jxrlib delegate library. put the jxrdecapp and jxrencapp applications in your execution path."

if you have managed to install libjxr0 and the libjxr-tools linux packages, you will face the next problem, if you don't know how the two apps jxrencapp and jxrdecapp are executed.

so here is the needed background:

  • supports only bmp,tif and hdr
  • errors are not displayed only!!!!! the whole man page
  • quality parameter starts at 0.000 and ends at 1.000

a call looks like this:

jxrencapp -i test.tif -o test.jxr -q 0.231
By Emre YILMAZ on January 24 2022

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