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i ended up creating following function by connecting to data dictionary but i got the error.

create function getreport_meds
   pid varchar(15)
   returns string
declare meds string;
declare curmeds cursor as select  med_code from medication where patient = 
trim(pid) and end_date is null;
meds = "";
open curmeds;
while fetch curmeds do
meds = trim(meds)+trim(curmeds.med_code)+",";
end while;
close curmeds;
return left(meds,len(meds)-1);
 poquery: error 7200:  aqe error:  state = hy000;   nativeerror = 5054;
  [ianywhere solutions][advantage sql][asa] error 5054:  the command cannot
 be completed with the current user permissions.  cannot 
create function object in the data dictionary.

i have requested the company who created this db/app to add this function in the db so i can use it, lets see where i land.

By Igor Tyulkanov on January 19 2022

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