"desktop app converter with installshield installer - w_discovered_exe_not_found" Code Answer


it seems like this issue is because of the way installshield installer is working. fortunetely there is an easy way to resolve this - we need to pass path to executable, just like it -appexecutable "path_to_your_exe_file_after_installation"

so my final command looked like this:

desktopappconverter.exe -installer c:computator.netcomputator.net.installer.v2.1.0.beta.exe -installerarguments "/s" -destination c:computator.netappx -packagename "computator.net" -publisher "cn=pawel troka" -version -makeappx -appexecutable "c:program files (x86)computator.netcomputator.net.exe" -sign

note that i also added -makeappx and -sign arguments, this is because i wanted it to be ready for testing - just needed to install certificate auto-generated.cer to trusted root certification authorities after conversion and my appx was ready to be installed and tested on my developer machine.

this tutorial was really helpful during the process and also this article helped me a bit.

By nothingtwisted on January 26 2022

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