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i don't have a linux box so i can't check but you can specify a prefix chrome will use for launching the gpu process with


it's normally used for debugging for example

--gpu-launcher="xterm -e gdb --args"

when chrome launches a process it calls spawn. normally it just launches

path/to/chrome <various flags>

--gpu-launcher lets you add a prefix to that. so for example


would make it spawn

 /usr/local/yourname/launch.sh path/to/chrome <various flags>

you can now make /usr/local/yourname/launch.sh do whatever you want and finally launch chrome. the simplest would be something like


in your case i'd guess you'd want

export libgl_always_software=1

be sure to mark launch.sh as executable.

given the script above this worked for me

/opt/google/chrome/chrome --ignore-gpu-blacklist --gpu-launcher=/usr/local/gman/launch.sh

after which about:gpu gives me

gl_vendor   vmware, inc.
gl_renderer gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (llvm 0x301)
gl_version  2.1 mesa 9.0.3
By Black0ut on May 4 2022

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