"in excel 2007, why does dragging a manual horizontal page break down cause the previous automatic one to change to manual..?" Code Answer


this is by design (also in my excel 2016).

if you drag the end of a page upwards, you typically want to shorten that page. this works, if the previous page break remains automatic.

if you drag the page break of its end down, you typically want to enlarge the number of printed rows on that page. if the previous page break remains automatic, you would suddenly have an additional page break with a page size of just one row. to prevents that, the previous break is set to automatic.

same happens with the vertical page breaks: if you move one of them to the left (closer to the previous automatic one, smaller page), then the previous stays automatic. if you move it just 1 column to the right, the previous one gets a manual one also.

just an addition: if you adapt page sizes (amount of row numbers) manually by adding page breaks, then you typically start from page 1 to the end of your worksheet. during that, all remaining page breaks below your current page still stay automatic until you touch them.

By Pawan Pillai on March 3 2022
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