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The Outlook, Import and Export wizard is used to create a backup of your Outlook mail, allowing us to convert OST to PST easily. However, we will show you four different methods in this article that will simplify non-technical users to convert OST to PST. When you enable Cached Exchange Mode for your account or use an IMAP connection, Outlook creates OST files. A local copy of the mail is kept in both cases. It enables you to open and read your email even when you are not connected to the internet. The local copy is synced every time you connect to your (Exchange) mail server. In the event of data loss on the mail server, or if you need to recover a deleted mailbox, converting an OST file to a PST file allows you to import the mail into Outlook and use it for business and personal purposes. This article has described 4 method, of which 3 method is manual, for which you need technical skill, but we have also described the professional method that easily converts OST file to PST. FREE DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE Quick 4 Methods to Convert OST to PST for Free There are several free methods for converting from OST to PST, but all require access to the Outlook profile. This is because the OST file can only be opened with the same profile. Outlook Import and Export Wizard to Change from OST to PST: Start the MS Outlook application. Select "Import and Export" from the "File" menu. In the following window, select "Export to a file" and then "Next." Now, select Outlook data file (.PST) and press "Next." Choose the mailbox folder from which to export. You have the option of including subfolders. Browse to the folder where you want to save the PST file, then click "Finish." Note: You must have an Exchange server connection and Outlook installed on your local computer to use this method. Outlook Archive Option to Convert OST Mailbox to PST Launch the Microsoft Outlook application. Select "File" and then "Archive." Select the file/folder to archive and browse where the archived file will be saved. Click the Finish button. Note: You can migrate all OST data except contacts using the archive method. Convert OST File to PST using Outlook Drag and Drop Options: Step 1: Open the Microsoft Outlook application. Step 2: In your Outlook Profile, create a new PST file. Step 3: Select and drag all of the mailbox folders to the new PST file. Note: Please keep in mind that you cannot drag items from the default folders such as Inbox, Contacts, and so on into a PST file. Professional Methods to Export OST Mailbox to PST Install and launch the Aryson OST to PST Converter. Select your OST file by clicking the Single File or Multiple Files/Folder buttons. After you've added OST files to the software, click Next. Choose the folder from the tree structure and then click the Next button. Select the saving format (PST) from the Saves/Backup/Migrate As menu. Examine the built-in features to see if they meet your requirements. Assign a destination path to the newly created folder. Tap Convert to begin the OST to PST conversion. Finally, you can save the conversion Log Report. Conclusion If you have access to the Outlook profile, you can convert an OST file to a PST file for free. When you only have the OST file, you can only use one of the converter tools. The free tools available on the internet are all limited. They may display the contents of the OST file to you, but you can only export a certain number of items. When converting your OST file, a good tool, such as Aryson OST to PST Converter, will save you a lot of time. I recommend all user of Outlook, Aryson OST to PST Converter software for OST conversion. Because I already used this software that convert my email without any data defeat.
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