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as has been said, there's quite a lot to creating a robust and secure authentication system in php, but the fundamentals are easy to grasp.

the first thing you want to do is call session_start(). once you've done this you can get and set session variables using the $_session superglobal:

$_session['foo'] = $foo;
$bar = $_session['bar'];

once you've done this you can set log in details for the current user upon a successful log in and have them persist over pages (remembering to call session_start before using them). also, session_start must be called before any content is sent to the browser.

there are security issues to consider, such as session fixation and cookie theft, however. one approach to session fixation, for example, is to regenerate the user's session id upon elevation of privileges using php's session_regenerate_id (or something like that).

the php security consortium has lots of useful info.

cookies can be manipulated using the setcookie function.

By user1651804 on May 30 2022

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