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I know there are many questions like this, but i didn't find any solution in it.

Things i tried:-

  • checked firewall

  • restarted my PC and Apache server

  • restarted MYSQL

  • checked my code

  • Tried everything i know and found on internet

here's my code:-


$dbhost = 'localhost:3360';
$dbuser = 'root';
$dbpass = '';
$db     = 'test_db13';

$conn  = mysqli_connect($dbhost,$dbuser,'',$db);

if(! $conn){
  die('Could not connect connect: ') ;

echo 'Successfully Connected';

$sql = 'Connected Successfully';
  $retvalue = mysqli_query($sql);

  if(! $retvalue){
    die('Cannot connect to SQL: ');

echo 'DataBase test_db13 has successfully created';



I did set the password, but it still is showing me the error.

Here's the firewall picture:-

lastly XAMMP is running here's the proof



If you look at your XAMPP Control Panel, it's clearly stated that the port to the MySQL server is 3306 - you provided 3360. The 3306 is default, and thus doesn't need to be specified. Even so, the 5th parameter of mysqli_connect() is the port, which is where it should be specified.

You could just remove the port specification altogether, as you're using the default port, making it

$dbhost = 'localhost';
$dbuser = 'root';
$dbpass = '';
$db     = 'test_db13';


  • mysqli_connect()
  • Standard connection of MySQL
Friday, July 23, 2021

I changed the ip address specified in the homestead.yaml from localhost to Then I ran homestead provision and that seemed to fix the problem. The host machine cannot resolve localhost or because that is already mapped to itself.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Now XAMPP is supporting PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5. You can now download installer of your required version of PHP from


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Take a backup of your htdocs and data folder (subfolder of MySQL folder), reinstall upgraded version and replace those folders.

Note: In case you have changed config files like PHP (php.ini), Apache (httpd.conf) or any other, please take back up of those files as well and replace them with newly installed version.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Well this might be late but for future visitors,

I found out back then that refuses any connections to it's DB from outside source which means that only the web-apps hosted on have the access to their DB other than that you will get rejected.

Monday, June 14, 2021
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