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i am having an $http request in my localhost which is calling a url of some api. i am getting an error on executing the call

response for preflight has invalid http status code 403

can i do anything using angular so that i can fix this issue? i have cros plugin of chrome to allow cross origin request

                method: 'post',
                url: url,
                headers: {
                    'access-control-allow-origin': '*',                 



ok so here's how i figured this out. it all has to do with cors policy. before the post request, chrome was doing a preflight options request, which should be handled and acknowledged by the server prior to the actual request. now this is really not what i wanted for such a simple server. hence, resetting the headers client side prevents the preflight:

app.config(function ($httpprovider) {
  $httpprovider.defaults.headers.common = {};
  $ = {};
  $httpprovider.defaults.headers.put = {};
  $httpprovider.defaults.headers.patch = {};

the browser will now send a post directly. hope this helps a lot of folks out there... my real problem was not understanding cors enough.

link to a great explanation:

kudos to this answer for showing me the way. angularjs post fails: response for preflight has invalid http status code 404

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

avoid filtering and set status 200 when http method is options

if("options".equalsignorecase(request.getmethod())) {
} else {
    chain.dofilter(req, res);
Friday, June 25, 2021

i finally found a work around. what i did is i removed custom headers from web.config file. i.e,

    <add name="access-control-allow-origin" value="*"/>
    <add name="access-control-allow-headers" value="origin, content-type, x-auth-token"/>
    <add name="access-control-allow-methods" value="get, post, put, delete, options" />
    <add name="content-type" value="application/json"/>

    <add name="access-control-allow-credentials" value="true" />

this content i removed

and in webapiconfig.cs i did following changes

var enablecorsattribute = new enablecorsattribute(origins:"*",headers:"*",methods:"*");

            var json = config.formatters.jsonformatter;

            json.serializersettings.preservereferenceshandling = newtonsoft.json.preservereferenceshandling.objects;


and controller looks like this.

[enablecors(origins: "*", headers: "*", methods: "*", supportscredentials = true)]
    public class add_client_controller : apicontroller

        public string postgoals(string goal)
            goal g = new goal();
            g.goals = goal;
            int res = db.savechanges();

            return ("success");

and angular post method looks like following


  let headers : headers= new headers();

      let options = new requestoptions({ headers: headers });
       .map(res =>  res.json());

this is work around to send data with url.

Friday, July 30, 2021

nothing worked for me except the below; where i had to import microsoft.owin.cors and add this line of code at the top of configureauth method in startup.auth.cs of web api.


please note:- remove all the settings for enabling cors from web.config and webapiconfig.cs. otherwise it will complain about duplicate implementation.

happy coding :-)

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

please read more about preflight requests.

they simply suggest the browser if the server supports a cross-origin request. the response to such options requests should good (i.e. < 400).

i think the statement filterchain.dofilter(servletrequest, servletresponse); is passing the request further, instead of returning a response.

you can read more about enabling cors using spring in java here enable cors for options request using spring framework

Sunday, December 5, 2021
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